Permanent Exhibition
Life in Ravensburg
Up close and personal. Share scenes from the lives of four historic Humpis Quarter residents in this permanent exhibition.
Special Exhibitions
Two buildings are reserved year-round for special exhibitions. Thought-provoking and intriguing, these temporary exhibitions cover a multitude of different topics, offering exciting, constantly changing insights into cultural history.
Regional Stories
Discovery Rooms
Nine discovery rooms are filled with fascinating regional stories, such as the saga of the Swabian Children or the ancient witch hunts.
Multimedia Experience
History Laboratory
In the history lab visitors can experience life in Ravensburg from 1871 to today, through multimedia, by watching films or by exploring our photo files.

Museum Humpis-Quartier

Expedition to the Middle Ages

The Humpis Quarter is one of the best-preserved, late medieval residential areas in southern Germany. It was in the 15th century that the Humpis family of international traders gave this group of buildings the shape and layout we see today.

In this extraordinary place, visitors can trace the city’s cultural history from the 11th to the 21st century. Authentic artefacts offer a nostalgic look at our fascinating past.

A total of seven buildings are waiting to welcome you with exhibitions, special events and educational programs.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday

11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Admission Fees


5 Euro

children up to 18 years

free of charge



Guided Tour**

80 Euro

* Photo ID required as deposit

** in English and French



Museum Humpis-Quartier
Marktstraße 45
88212 Ravensburg
Phone +49-751-82820